More marathon training – and some scenery!

This week was all about training again – I didn’t do a lot – a little over 30 miles, but most of it was of the Big Horrible Hills variety, so 30 miles was plenty! Considering I haven’t signed up for any upcoming races yet, it’s more than I would normally do without a specific goal in sight. I am considering the Dublin City Marathon, but I’ll see over the next week or so how it goes.

On Wednesday I ran an 8 miler with Born To Run that included the Short Mountain – and I can tell you that it’s anything but short when you run it! Over 1,000 feet of climbing in the space of two miles certainly wakes you up on a Wednesday evening. For some of my club mates it was their first time doing this course, and it is a big achievement – makes you feel like your running is really getting places.

Here’s how it looks on Strava: Short Mountain Run

On Saturday I did an 18 mile training run, again with Born To Run, and again on hills – though not as bad as the Short Mountain!

I did the 18 miler at a slightly faster pace than I normally do my long runs, and it certainly showed near the end – I thought I’d collapse at some stage in the last 2 miles, and was absolutely done in at the end – might take next weeks long run a little slower.

I often speak about how beautiful the scenery is in Kerry, where I live, and how it is a wonderful place to run, or to do any outdoor sport. Here’s a quick video that gives some idea of why I say that!

Enjoy your running until next time, and thanks for reading!


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