Stupid Running Injuries…..

This week went well in training – I did fast runs on Monday (6 miles) and Tuesday (5.4 miles), with a good run up the Short Mountain on Wednesday, and a short training run with my 7 year old son Lee on Thursday. My other son, 10 year old Adam, had his first 5K on Friday, and he finished in an impressive 29 minutes flat – I’m guessing he’ll be leaving the old man in the dust before the year is out. I went out Saturday and, because this was a step-back week, did a nice 10 miles in the early morning sun with the Born To Run Dublin Marathon training group. No pains, no niggles, and my injury-prone body seemed to be holding up really well. All in all I was feeling very pleased with myself.

Then I went to a football match.

On Sunday, my two sons were playing Gaelic football for their club Ballymac, against Killarney team Fossa, and I was on the sidelines watching. Someone kicked a point, I jumped to catch the ball, and the moment I felt the ball in my hands, I also felt something snap in my left calf. The pain was very sharp, but I hoped it was just a muscle sprain. Within a few minutes, I knew it wasn’t, as the pain got worse, and my calf swelled quite a bit.
Nothing for it but RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. I can only walk in a limping shuffle, but I am hoping it won’t be too serious – it feels like a torn muscle, and that will just go away in a few days, right?……

For now, I can’t do anything except wait, and hope it magically disappears before the Dublin Marathon. I had pretty much decided to do Dublin, and to do the Double Marathon at the Eddie Murphy Memorial Marathon, which takes place in Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare 3 weeks later. This is an interesting event, as it takes place on a 1 mile loop of the village. Fingers crossed I’ll be soon back on the road to train for it.

PS. Well done to everyone who ran some or all of the brutal Kerry Way Ultra on Friday and Saturday – this monster of an ultra is 189km over some of the toughest terrain imaginable. I had notions of doing it myself, but, halfway through the Tralee 100K, I decided that it would be better to leave it for a year! Well done to all who tried it, especially my club mates Marcus, Jim, and David.



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