In the long run….

On Saturday, I did my 21 mile pre-Dublin Long Run, and it was a bit of a toughie. A group from Born To Run and myself decided to run a 10.5 mile section of the Tralee Marathon route twice for this, and it was certainly a testing course!

We started at Spa Village, and ran the course anti-clockwise, up a steep hill past the Oyster restaurant, across the relatively flat Barrow East, up the testing climb to Churchill and the long Fenit-Tralee road, back to where we started, then turn around, and do it all again, in the other direction.

We averaged around ten and a half minute miles, which felt fine to me until around mile 15, when I started to really feel the heat. I slowed my pace by a good bit between miles 16 and 18, and didn’t feel great at all – my calf was quite sore, and I felt hot and tired. After a couple of miles, I began to come around though, and I finished fairly strong, despite the monster hill from mile 18 to 20. Overall, pleased enough, considering it was my first long run since my calf injury.

Looking forward to a few short runs during the week, before tackling another 21 miler next weekend. Dublin Marathon here I come!

Thanks to all the Born to Runner crew for the company and banter, and to Laraine for the bottle of water at a critical juncture!


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