New Marathon World Record

Awesome performance by Kenyan Dennis Kimetto in breaking the Marathon world record in Berlin on Sunday, with a time of 2:02:57, knocking 26 seconds off Wilson Kipsang’s previous best time, also set in Berlin – in fact every one of the last 6 mens Marathon record times have been set in Berlin, and 4 of those have been by Kenyans (the other two were both by Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie).

Looking at the remarkable improvement in the record – nearly half a minute – it now seems a little more likely that a sub-2 hour marathon will happen within the next 10 years – though it will take some runner to do it.

Dennis Kimetto is an interesting runner, unlike most of the Rift Valley runners – the greatest distance runners the world has ever seen – he doesn’t have a huge track running career behind him. In fact, just four years ago, he was an impoverished farmer, and took up running very late. He has certainly made up for lost time – after setting the fastest marathon debut in history in 2012, he won both Tokyo and Chicago last year, and looks like he is still improving. Can’t wait to see what he is capable of in the future.



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