Kerins O’Rahilly’s 5K Fun Run Race Report!

Today I ran the Kerins O’Rahilly’s GAA Club 5k Fun Run with my two sons, Adam and Lee – or at least I ran it with Lee – Adam took off on his own and finished well before us! It was a fantastic day for a run, and felt more like July than April. We had gone for a drive earlier in the day along the Tralee 100k Ultra route, and decided that we’d do the 5k when we got back. There was quite a good crowd at the start line, with lots of families, and a great atmosphere. After chatting to a few of our Born to Run clubmates, we lined up for the start, and set off. Adam took off immediately, while myself and Lee ran with a few other Born to Run families, and decided to pace ourselves a bit more sensibly. The last 5k I did with the boys didn’t go well for me or Lee – I tried to keep up with Adam and Lee tried to keep up with me, and we both ended up burnt out before we’d even gone halfway! This time we kept a little in reserve at the start, and it showed in both our time, and our comfort levels. The hardest part of the run for me was trying to keep Lee from breaking into a headlong sprint at every opportunity – I think there is very little time left before he’ll be leaving me in the dust like his older brother. Just after the 4k mark, Lee stumbled on a section of uneven pavement, and went down hard – I thought our race was over, but he didn’t miss a beat, and was straight back on his feet, like the trooper he is. He refused all offers to check him out, determined to get to the finish line. With a couple of hundred meters left, Lee told me he was going for a sprint finish, and took off – I followed, but he was too fast over the last 100, and crossed the line just before me, in a time of around 30 mins – a big PB for Lee. Adam was waiting at the finish line for us, having finished in 25:18 – annoyed that he had missed out on a PB by less than 10 seconds! I think he can count it as a good run though – it was quite hot at times, and the hill at the start probably didn’t make for a fast course. Lee escaped with a cut knee and scratched palms, and seemed to consider his battle scars worth the effort! We were delighted to collect our medals (and chocolate bunnies for the boys) at the finish line, after a very enjoyable race. Well done to all the organisers, and thanks to the marshalls and everyone who helped out.

Lee, me, and Adam at the finish line.
Lee, me, and Adam at the finish line.

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