From the Mountains to the Sea

I got in some good training this weekend, having done a 1.2 mile swim on Saturday evening, and a tough 10 mile run today (Sunday).
The swim was my longest open-water swim to date, and I’m pleased with how it went – despite a bit of a swell, and a strong tidal current which meant it wasn’t quick, I felt strong throughout, and could easily have swam a lot further. If there is an Ironman in my future, I think I can handle the swim, though I will be slow!

This mornings run was a success too – I had planned a long run – maybe 16 or 17 miles, but the thought of getting up at stupid o’clock in the morning wasn’t appealing, so I decided a tough 10 miler would be more valuable, and less boring than a 16 miler, and would also allow me to get up a little later. To this end I ran the slightly brutal Farmersbridge – Short Mountain – Farmersbridge route, which has a total elevation gain of over 1,200 feet, most of it concentrated in a small section of the route.

I found the run difficult, but very enjoyable – it seems to be ages since I have done a long, tough run that wasn’t part of a race. To misquote a popular internet motivational saying, the Short Mountain doesn’t get easier, you just get tougher. I certainly didn’t find it easy, but I think I ran it pretty well – all the swimming I’m doing lately is definitely helping my V02 Max, as I can push myself quite hard now even when I think I’m at my limit. My hamstring pain continued it’s weird progression by not causing me any pain on the way up, but aching quite a bit on the way down, then disappearing again as soon as I was back on a flat stretch. Perhaps if I run enough hills I can kill it off altogether and not have to worry about it anymore. All in all, a very enjoyable bit of training, and I hardly felt Farmersbridge hill at the end at all.

Not sure what race I have coming up next – I have it in my head to do the Valentia Half-marathon, the back-to-back marathons in Clare, the MCI Tralee Marathon, and one or two others, but I will have to check dates as I haven’t a clue what’s on when. Would be nice to get another ultra in before the end of the year too…..

Until next time, good running!

The top of The Short Mountain - the structures on the top left are communications masts.
The top of The Short Mountain – the structures on the top left are communications masts.

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