Training and Raining

I had a good, tough brick session on Tuesday night, where I swam 1 mile in very rough conditions, followed by joining some of the Tralee Triathlon Club for a 5K run.
I must have gotten water in my ear during the swim, as I suffered from some dizziness towards the end of the swim, and quite a bit of dizziness and nausea during the run – I actually managed to collide with a stone wall at one point. Despite all this, I managed a fairly decent time (for me anyway!).

This morning I managed a very, very, wet 5 mile run. We had monsoon-like rain while I ran, and I got two firsts on this one – the first time I’ve ever had to stop to tie my shoelace on a run, and the first time I was able to pour water out of my shoes after I’d finished! While I am well used to running in the rain (this is Ireland after all), today was the worst rain I’ve run in, and it made the last couple of miles very unpleasant – my top was stretched down almost to my knees, and my shoes squelched with every step. I got even more than the usual amounts of “look at that mad bastard” looks from passing motorists. I’m sure it’ll stand to me in time – “what doesn’t kill you” and all that!
Only a week left to Tullaroan, so I’ll try to get another Short Mountain 10 miler in this weekend, as I’ll need all the hill work I can get for this one!

Until next time, run long and run strong – and if you haven’t already voted for me in the Blog Awards (or even if you have!) please do so!


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