Parkrun 5k

This morning I did my first Tralee Parkrun 5k. I had been meaning to do one for a while, and had heard a lot about this wonderful movement, but there always seemed to be something else on. Catherine and the boys were doing this one, and I hadn’t anything planned as I am doing the Charleville Marathon tomorrow, so I thought it was the ideal opportunity.

Ready to go
Ready to go

When we got to Tralee Town Park there was already quite a few runners gathered, including a fair few I knew. Den McCarthy was the race director, and, after giving us instructions, and welcoming some newbies (including myself) and some Parkrun tourists, we set off.

The course is 3 laps of the Town Park, and there is one longish climb that’s not too steep. There was a fair bit of crowding at the start, and I pushed on to get some room. I soon found myself running beside my usual marathon partner Brian, and shortly after that my eldest son Adam passed me, determined to come in before his old man! I stuck with Brian for the first lap and a half, but began to drop back after the halfway point. I had Charleville in the back of my mind, and had no intention of leaving everything here today. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. On the last lap, I noticed my youngest, Lee, gaining on me, and I pushed on a little to give him some competition – he soon noticed, and upped his pace a good bit, and passed me as if I was standing still – oh to be young again!

As I came up the last straight I saw Lee break into a flat-out sprint for the last few hundred meters and pass a few more runners – wonder where he got that from? I crossed the line at a more leisurely pace, in a time of 27:09 – not too bad all things considered. Adam had come in at 25:25, and Lee at 26:47. We sat on the grass and waited for Catherine, who came in at 29:52.

Looking happy near the end
Looking happy near the end

After the run, I was “volunteered” to do pacing at the October 31st run, which is fancy dress, so that should be fun.

I really enjoyed my first Parkrun – there is a great atmosphere, and it was very well run by Den, Bridget, and the rest of the volunteers. I’m looking forward to the next one.

I’m helping out with timekeeping this afternoon at the Tralee Tri Club Winter Time Trial Series, which Catherine is doing. Best of luck to all the cyclists doing it.

Tomorrow I’ll be running the Charleville Marathon, while a lot of my running buddies will be running the Churchill 10K, which promises to be a great race.

Best of luck to everyone running this weekend.


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