Parkrun 5K Race Report – October 24th

On Saturday I did my second Parkrun 5K, again in the company of Catherine and the boys. I was looking forward to beating my time the previous week, and maybe beating Adam in a 5k for once too!

It was another fantastic morning for running, and there were plenty of runners out and about. After instructions and greetings, we set off, and this week I made sure that I started nearer the front to avoid getting stuck behind too many runners early on. My youngest, Lee, had openly stated that he was going to take on his older brother today, and set off at a lightening pace. Adam set a more leisurely pace with me, and we both agreed that Lee would never be able to keep his pace going until the end.

I felt much faster this time than last week, and noticed that I was staying ahead of some of the runners who had passed me last time. I had forgotten my Garmin though, so wasn’t sure what pace I was doing – it felt fast but comfortable. I managed to stay with Adam for the first two laps, though he was complaining of a stitch so maybe that explains it! Lee shocked us both by staying at his pace, and we never got near him.

About halfway around the last lap, Adam started to pull away slowly, and try as I might, I couldn’t stay with him. I crossed the line in 27:21 – surprisingly 12 seconds slower than the previous week – just goes to show that without my Garmin, my ability to judge my pacing isn’t great!

Lee, me, and Adam comparing notes after the run.
Lee, me, and Adam comparing notes after the run.

Lee had stormed in at 25:53 (not bad for an eight year old!), with Adam just ahead of me at 27:07. Catherine followed us in at 31:11, her time hampered by a niggling injury.

This was another great morning out, followed by coffee and craic afterwards. Next weekend I’m pacing the 28 minute group, and, as it will be Halloween, it is fancy dress – really looking forward to it.


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