Back in the Groove

I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and record my first double-digit mileage of 2016, with a 10 miler, in conditions that ranged from fairly wet and cold to truly awful, with driving rain, wind, and flooded roads. I came to one section of road which was completely under water – that made for squelchy shoes for the rest of the run!

2016-01-03 10.40.52
A pair of wellingtons might have been more appropriate than my Mizunos today!

Overall, despite the conditions, I really enjoyed this – it felt good to be back knocking out the miles, with the thought of the many upcoming races concentrating the mind.
I met a fair few other runners out on the road – it’s great to meet runners I don’t know, who introduce themselves because they know me from this blog!

On the way home, I met this friendly guy in a field:Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 12.03.22

Not the usual type of wildlife I see locally, but he seemed to think he belonged there.

I did most of this run on the route of the 2016 Tralee International Marathon – the route has changed this year, and will, coincidentally, pass right by my house! There’s a fairly challenging hill on the route that I haven’t run yet, and I’ll try to get a run in on this during the week to see what it’s like. This year will be the fourth year of the marathon, and I have run it every year (the first year was my first marathon), so I’m really looking forward to it – so far I’ve managed to knock 30 minutes off my previous time every time I’ve run it, so I’m due a big PB this year!


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