eGlove Touch-screen Sports Glove Review

eGlove recently sent me a pair of their touch-screen sport gloves for evaluation.

The eGlove website described them thus:

The eGlove SPORT enables you to operate touch screen devices such as your iPhone, iPod, iPad, HTC, Samsung or any other touch screen equipment without removing your gloves! Use your favourite fitness App, GPS tracking, or just answer the phone in gloved warmth!
This is a high tech sports glove with breathable performance lycra and sweat removal strip.

I hadn’t come across eGloves in any running stores here in Ireland, but I had noticed that they were fellow finalists in the 2016 Running Awards.

The timing was great for receiving these gloves – we’ve been going through a bit of a cold spell here, and I had some really chilly evening runs over the past couple of weeks.

For my first experience with them, I wore the eGloves on a very wet and chilly evening 4 mile run with my running group. I tried them out on my iPhone and found there was no problem operating the touchscreen, using the conductive pads on the index finger and thumb of each glove. I also found, most importantly, that they are breathable, and so kept my hands warm and dry, without making me too hot while running.
I also liked the embossed rubbery material on the palm and fingers, which meant that the gloves give a great grip – very important (as I found out recently) when trying to hold an expensive piece of electronic equipment while running! Incidentally, I found they make a pretty good driving glove too.

I have run several more times with the eGloves since, and I am happy to recommend them – they work well, and should be especially useful if you use a smartphone app, or touchscreen GPS watch to measure your run, or if you use an iPod or similar to listen to music when running.

They are available from the eGlove website for £24.99




2 thoughts on “eGlove Touch-screen Sports Glove Review

  1. I got sent some of those last year and have worn them quite a lot… but I struggled to drive in them. I think I must be a lazy driver and hated the fact that my hands ‘stuck’ to the steering wheel! 🙂

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