Kinematix TUNE

I came across a very interesting little device this week, called the Kinematic TUNE. The device consists of a pair of electronic insoles that go in your running shoes, and connect with senders that clip onto your shoe. These then send information on pressure points, land time, dwell time etc. to an app on your smartphone.

This information is then used, via special software, to build a personalised running plan for you. It also claims to detect asymmetries in your running form, and can advise on specific improvements, and exercises to improve your form.

I have been asked to trial this device, and I will report back on how I find it, and whether it helps to improve my running or not. I am certainly keen to try it, given the work I did on my running form in recent times.

This video explains the concept:



3 thoughts on “Kinematix TUNE

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