Ribble Bikes

I am delighted to welcome Ribble Bikes aboard as my bike sponsor, as I start out on my journey to completing an Ironman.

ribble logo

I am already a Ribble customer – I’ve been cycling a Ribble Evo Carbon Pro for the past 2 years, and I am really excited to try out other Ribble bikes, as I (hopefully!) build up my cycling strength and endurance.

Ribble have a fantastic heritage, having started in business in 1897, and are a British Cycling institution. They offer excellent value against other brands, by using a direct consumer model, selling straight to the customer. They also have showrooms in Preston, where you can go to have a look at their range of bikes and accessories.

I will be riding the amazing Ribble Aero 883 this season, and like all Ribble customers, I was able to spec the bike to exactly how I wanted it, on the Ribble Bike Builder. This is a unique service from Ribble that allows you to customise your bike exactly as you want it.
I will also be trying out other Ribble models for specific events.

Follow me for the next year or so as I go from sprint triathlons to the biggest triathlon challenge of them all, the Ironman!



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