A Little Recovery Run…..

I will be recovering from last weekends ultra by, well, running another ultra this weekend.
And before you ask, no, I wouldn’t advise this as a smart move. This weekends ultra is a “mere” 40 miles, and is a race I did last year. It’s nice and close to home, and, being run in 5 mile circuits, means that you are never too far away from your drop bag and aid station. It also has the added advantage of not requiring a crew, as I’m not sure anyone would be crazy enough to crew two weekends in a row.

I’m hoping this will be good training for the Tralee 100k in a few weeks. Either that, or it will kill me!

Best of luck to everyone running here, the Energia 24H in Belfast, the Waterford Marathon, or any other race this weekend.

If you’re there, see you on the start line!



11 thoughts on “A Little Recovery Run…..

  1. A little recovery run, ha! While doing my half ironman last weekend, I was thinking that if I never got on my bike or ran again, it would be too soon. 🙂 But after 4 days of rest, one brisk walk and an awesome massage, I’m willing to tackle some exercise again tomorrow. Glad I’m not doing an ultra this weekend! Good luck!

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    1. It was going through my mind for the last 20 miles of last weeks ultra “no bloody way am I running another one next week” but (apparently like childbirth!) the pain of an ultra fades quickly, and it all seems like great fun in retrospect!


      1. You’ll be able to read all about it! I’m running a couple of shorter ultras on the run up to it to build up the mileage, but I need to increase my training mileage substantially.


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