Tralee parkrun July 9th

Myself and Lee did another Tralee parkrun this morning, despite terrible weather conditions. It was windy and raining heavily on the way in, and I wasn’t terribly keen, but Lee was determined to do it, so off we went.

parkrun july 9 4
Sheltering from the rain before the start (pic Tralee parkrun)

Once we got under way, conditions improved a bit, as they often seem to do for parkrun! It ended up being slightly damp, and quite humid for the run. I decided to take it fairly easy, as I am doing the MCI Tralee Marathon tomorrow, but Lee was gunning for a PB after overshooting the finish line and missing out on one last week.

After the usual preliminaries from race director Tony, we got going. I took the first lap nice and easy, while Lee took off – I had a feeling Lee was going to crash and burn before the end based on his early pace….

The first lap was uneventful for me – the hardest part was keeping myself from pushing on and suffering the consequences tomorrow.

By lap 2 I was into my stride, and felt good, with no pre-marathon niggles, and, although I had planned on keeping my pace to around 10 min/miles, I looked at my watch at the end of this lap and found I had averaged 9:12. I could see Lee ahead visibly slowing, and, as I had suspected, in his determination to hit a PB he had burnt himself out.

parkrun july 9 2
Halfway there (pic Tralee parkrun)

I caught up to him early in the last lap, and he was out on his feet, so I got him to walk a little, and recover. We trotted most of this lap at a fairly easy pace, until Lee got finish line fever near the end, and we both took off in a mad sprint for the last few hundred meters. Lee beat me in by a single second, crossing the line in 30:34 – a slightly disappointing time for him, and well off his best – he’ll hopefully learn in time to pace himself a little better – or else his stamina will improve!

parkrun july 9 3
Racing for the line! (pic Tralee parkrun)

Well done to all the volunteers who made this weeks Tralee parkrun possible – hopefully I will see you again next week!

Meanwhile for me, it’s a marathon tomorrow, and, just to keep the legs moving, a triathlon with Tralee Tri Club on Tuesday!


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