Tralee parkrun July 16th

I ran another Tralee parkrun this morning, in wet and humid conditions.

My usual running buddy Lee wasn’t with me, as he had spent the last couple of days in hospital with a suspected appendicitis – fortunately it turned out to be a false alarm, and he is on the mend, but, much to his frustration, he wasn’t well enough to run today.

Catherine joined me instead. We arrived in the park to a steady drizzle, which would continue pretty much for the duration of the run.

After instructions and introductions from race director Siobhan, we set off.

I took the first lap nice and easy to test my legs. I had completed a marathon and a triathlon over the past week, as well as spending the last 48 hours cooped up in a hospital with Lee, so I wasn’t sure how enthusiastic my body would be for this.

I was joined early on by fellow Born To Run member Niamh, who was just back from sunny California, and Catherine, Sinead, and Caroline soon pulled a few hundred meters ahead of us.

Niamh and myself on Lap 1 (pic Tralee parkrun)

I felt fairly fresh by the end of this first lap, so I started to speed up a bit on lap 2. Niamh decided to stick to her pace, and I soon pulled away and started to gain on the others. I passed them on the “hill” (more of a gentle rise really) on this lap, and kept pushing as much as I felt I could.

By the time I crossed the line to start lap 3, I was starting to feel the pace, and the final lap was much harder work!

I slowed down considerably for the first half of this final lap, but by the time I hit the halfway point, I started to push on a bit again, despite really feeling the humidity, and I finished fairly strongly, passing a few more runners near the end.

Am I there yet? (pic Tralee parkrun)

My watch gave me a time of 28:32 but I’m not sure how close that it to my actual time – I forgot to start it for a few seconds, and forgot to stop it crossing the line! (UPDATE: Turns out my official time was 28:36, so not too far off!)

Thanks to all this week’s parkrun volunteers, and I look forward to seeing you all again next week – hopefully with Lee back to his usual form!


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