Tralee parkrun 23 July – with the Kinematix TUNE

I did another Tralee parkrun this morning, and got my very first trial of the Kinematix TUNE wearable fitness monitor.

The Kinematix TUNE ready to go

I arrived at the park to find a few of my Born To Run buddies were also running today – several of them were using it as a warm-up for a marathon tomorrow, while I was preparing for my first Olympic-distance triathlon with Tralee Triathlon Club tomorrow.

I had received the Kinematix TUNE on Thursday, and, after initially contacting the company to tell them my units were faulty (only to discover, embarrassingly, that I had them turned upside down!), I got them set up ready for today.

They consist of a pair of insoles that fit in your shoes, under your existing insoles, and a pair of electronic senders that clip to the side of the shoes. I was a little worried that I would find the units uncomfortable to run with (or that they would fly off into the bushes while I ran!), but, in truth, once I started running, I wasn’t conscious of them at all.

The devices upload to an app on your phone, and this gives you a huge array of information on your run.

Back to the parkrun, and I had no Lee with me today, as he is still suffering the after effects of his recent illness, and we decided it would be better for him to sit this one out.
It was very humid from the start. I ran with Conor and Kirstie for the first lap, as Brian and Simon took off at a faster pace.

I took the first lap nice and easy, but began to push on a little faster on the second lap. I kept in mind that I have a tough day ahead tomorrow, and tried not to go too hard.

I began to really feel the humidity towards the end of this lap, but I tried to keep my momentum going for the last lap.

By the time I crossed the line, I was really feeling the heat, and was pretty well done in, though I had managed to run each km faster than the last for all of it.

parkrun july 26 1
Trying to stop my Garmin, and switch off the TUNE app at the same time (pic Tralee parkrun)

I was keen to have a look at the info from the TUNE app, and have a go at interpreting it.

It certainly looks impressive – as well as the usual pace, speed, distance etc. it also gives ground contact time, heel contact time, 5 of heel striking steps (way too much in my case), and cadence. I look forward to going through this, and seeing where my form needs improvement. More to come as I continue to test this interesting device over the next few months.

Well done to all the park runners today, and especially to race director Pat, and all the volunteers. See you all next week.

If you are thinking of doing the Landers Tralee Triathlon next week, you better get signing up quick – places are nearly all gone!


14 thoughts on “Tralee parkrun 23 July – with the Kinematix TUNE

      1. Does it run via Bluetooth? If you have an Android that would be possible. I was playing with intercepting my tickrx HR strap and use it on my phone. Now I have a watch though and only need heart rate. But really it should integrate with the existing app.


      2. It doesn’t. I have the Garmin 225. It’s measured on the wrist. I only use it to vibrate once I get over my preferred heart rate. Enough for me during the run 🙂 at least right now.


      3. I use the Garmin 310xt – very old fashioned compared to their newer models, but rugged, accurate, very long battery life, and I can swim with it. It’s ideal for ultras as it has a 20 hour battery and can be charged on the go – also very cheap!

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  1. Would you recommend a Parkrun as a final run pre marathon/ half? I’m doing my first ever half this Sunday and hadn’t thought of doing a Parkrun on Sat but it kind of makes sense to remind my legs how to run fast as long as I don’t go flat out.

    Good luck in the blog awards by the way.


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