Karkoa Tepee Sports Bag Review

I was sent a Karkoa Tepee sports bag recently, with a view to trying it out as a triathlon bag.



My first impression was that the bag was a really interesting and innovative design – a lot of thought has obviously gone into it. It is a “duffle bag” style, and has lots of neat little design features.

It is laid out in several distinct and separate compartments, each of which has a specific purpose. These include a shoe compartment, an insulated bottle compartment, and various small pockets for holding all your gear. It also comes with a nifty little toiletries bag, and a waterproof bag for dirty clothes.


I found the bag to be an ideal triathlon bag, as it is large enough to hold all the necessary gear, but small enough to carry into transition. The main compartment can easily carry the  wetsuit, tri suit, spare clothes, towel, helmet, etc. while the shoe compartment is big enough to take both my running shoes and my cycling shoes. There is separate compartments that I can use for goggles, number belt etc. so everything has a place – very important to reduce stress on triathlon day!

Although not designed specifically for triathlon, the Karkoa Tepee fills the requirements for a good tri bag very well. I’ve also used it for my marathons, and it is more than up to that job.

The quality looks great, with strong handles, and the interior material can be wiped clean.

Overall, I am impressed with this bag, and would recommend it – my hardest job is keeping it as my wife has taken a fancy to it!


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