About Me

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I’m Randall Wharton and I live in Kerry, Ireland. I love to run marathons and ultramarathons.

I am interested in most sports, have dabbled in a few myself, but these days I concentrate on distance running and triathlons.

I had the idea in my head for many years to run a marathon before I was 40, despite the fact that I had never run in my life. At the age of 39, the perfect opportunity arose – my hometown of Tralee was to have its inaugural marathon in March of 2013. I began training in late 2012. I quickly discovered three things:

  1. I was even fatter than I had realised
  2. I was way too unfit to run a marathon
  3. Running was considerably more difficult than it looked.

I persisted, joined the local Born To Run training group, starting off by running 5 minutes, walking 5 minutes, and slowly built it up. I ran my first marathon in March 2013. I ran my second marathon a few months later, and I gradually began to get fitter, lighter, and faster.
Since then I have completed eighteen marathons, and nine ultramarathons, as well as lots of shorter races. I did my first 24 hour in 2016, and I plan to attempt a 200km ultra, and an Ironman Triathlon in the future.

I take part in races because I love running – I am not competing to win, because I’m slower than a wet week of Sundays. Like 90% of the competitors that make up the field in most marathons and triathlons, I’m there to challenge myself, and be the best I can be.

If you are looking for a blog that will help you to run a sub 3-hour marathon, or qualify for the Boston Marathon, or win your age group in the 100 miler, then you’ve definitely come to the wrong place – I’m not an expert, I won’t make you faster, although my experience might just make it easier for you. I just love to run, and share my experiences as a happy back-of-the-packer. Despite this (or perhaps because of it?) this blog has grown remarkably popular over the past couple of years, to become one of the most popular personal running blogs in the world. Thanks for that!

Running has been a revelation for me – I have made some truly amazing friends, had some brilliant, (and occasionally life-changing), experiences, and it has changed me as a person – hopefully for the better! Running has made me appreciate just how resilient and awesome seemingly ordinary people can be.

Someday I hope to compete in one of the ultrarunning “majors” – Western States, Mont Blanc, or Leadville.

I wil be running the 2017 London Marathon as part of Team Reebok Floatride.

Some of the achievements of RandRuns:

Vuelio List of the UK Top 10 Running Blogs

Finalist in the 2016 Running Awards

Finalist in the 2016 RunUltra Blogger Awards

Finalist in the 2015 Blog Awards

RunReviews Most Influential Runners in the World

InfluentialBlogs Most Influential Health and Fitness Blogs in the UK

Mizuno Running Never Stop Pushing Advertising Campaign

Runner’s World How Running Changed Me

Feel free to contact me on the form below with your questions or comments.

If you are a Race Director and you would like me to run your event, contact me through my Media page.

Hope you enjoy my blogging efforts!

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