Kerry 24 Hour Endurance Race

My next race will be the Kerry 24 Hour Endurance Race. This will be a big test of where I am mentally and physically after my travails in the 100k, and I’m really looking forward to it (though I wish I’d more training done!). The race was originally scheduled to take place on a running track, but has been moved to Tralee Town Park, where the Tralee parkrun takes place. This move could be interesting, and will certainly be more scenic!

The course consists of 0.75 mile laps of the park, and it starts at 12pm on Saturday, September 24th, and ends, not surprisingly, 24 hours later, at 12pm on Sunday.
If you are in the area, and aren’t up for running it, be sure to drop in and give us some encouragement.

There are 12 hour and 6 hour versions running at the same time. I’ve a feeling I’ll be very envious of those runners on the day! I believe there are still places available through Run The Kingdom for anyone interested.

My eldest son’s school, CBS The Green, which is adjacent to the park, is organising a fundraising 5k starting at 1pm on the Sunday, with registration available at the school – I’m considering entering it – surely an hours rest will be enough for a 5k……



10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Run an Ultra Marathon

  1. It’s really, really far, and really, really tough. When you complete it, you might just feel a little too epic.
  2. You would become one of the .02% of the population that has completed an ultra – who wants to be part of a group that exclusive?
  3. All that training will make you super fit – you’ll get sick of explaining to your doctor that 40bpm is actually your normal heart rate, and have you thought of what you’ll do with all that extra lifespan you could get?
  4. You might offend your marathon runner friends by referring to 26.2 miles as a training run.
  5. Every time you go for a 4 or 5 hour drive, you will be annoyed by the thought that you would have enjoyed running it more.
  6. You will spend weeks resisting the temptation to start every conversation with “When I ran my ultra…….”
  7. When anyone tells you about some tough task they have to do, you will want to sigh and roll your eyes.
  8. Ultras are addictive – one is never enough.
  9. Think of all the poor shoes you’ll kill.
  10. When you complete an ultra, you will realise that nothing is impossible for you. Do you really want to change the way you look at the world that much?

Emotions When Ultrarunning

Ultrarunner Carmen Byrne is carrying out a survey on emotions when ultra running, for a future article she is publishing. It is just 8 questions if you have a few minutes – I found it quite interesting to do! The article will be published in Ultra magazine.

Carmen is doing a PhD, and is interested in the relationship between mind and body.

Here is the link to the survey.


Go Tom!

Best of luck to my clubmate and friend Tom Foley as he tackles the Energia 24 Hour Race in Belfast tomorrow. A great runner, and a great guy, this isn’t Tom’s first time taking on a big challenge. I have no doubt Tom will do Born to Run, and himself, proud!

*UPDATE* Tom put in a great performance, completing 102 miles in the 24 hours – well done Tom!

Tom is the one in the middle that actually looks like a runner (no offence to either Brian or myself intended!)
Tom is the one in the middle that actually looks like a runner (no offence to either Brian or myself intended!)