Tralee Parkrun – December 26th

This morning I did another 28 minute pacing stint at Tralee Parkrun.

pacer intro
Pacer intro before the start

There were far more runners than I had expected – the type of lunatic who gets up early on St. Stephen’s Day to do a 5k run is obviously multiplying!

It was nice to see a fair few first timers and Parkrun tourists, including a group from Poland.

I had partaken in a “few” glasses of wine last night, and, having not had any alcohol since last year, it had worked like rocket fuel, but I suspected it might not be the best preparation for this mornings run.

I had no family members running with me today as they refused to get out of bed.

Conditions were good – some light rain on and off – just enough to keep us cool!

I set off with the rest of the runners after the usual prelimenaries from Siobhan, and quickly fell into a comfortable pace. A bit too comfortable, as I was surprised to discover that I had run the first lap nearly a minute too fast, and resolved to slow down for the second lap.

Bit too quick on Lap 1!

I had no followers for the second lap, and was again surprised to find I’d run it a bit too quick – pity this never happens in marathons.

Some company for the last lap

I had to run a very slow last lap to come in on my pacing time (I’m always cursing pacers who do what I did today!) and I had a few runners follow me on this lap, and come in under 28 minutes. I came in on 27:57 which is close enough, though overall a poor pacing job on my part!

Finish line

I was glad to get out and do this run, and I hope to get out for a decent long run in the next couple of days.

all finished
Done and dusted

Well done to Jason Gavin and my team mate Anne Kelliher who were first male and female home respectively. I’ve volunteered as a marshal next week, so I’m looking forward to seeing the Parkrun from a static viewpoint!

Here’s a video of the run on Youtube.


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