Useful Links

Here are some links to stuff I like.

Useful Stuff:

Ultra Running Resources – useful ultrarunning resources from Extreme Ultrarunning, including race results, a race calendar, a bookstore, and general info.

General Ultra Help and Info – Back of the Pack is a great, simple site with loads and loads of useful info from a very experienced ultrarunner. There is way too much here to list, but you could get lost for days reading it. Very useful resource.

More General Info – Kevin Sayers UltRunR Site is another huge resource, with loads of useful info.

Pace Calculator – from the Cool Running site – great for calculating what pace you need to do to hit a certain finish time, or what pace you did in a race, given your finish time.

Run Walk Pace Calculator – from the Coach Dino Training site, another really useful calculator, especially for ultras where you plan to use a walk/run plan.

Race Predictor – there are quite a few of these around, this one, from the Running for Fitness site, looks good. The Fellrnr site mentioned above also contains a very comprehensive race predictor. I would use race predictors with extreme caution though!


Training Peaks – Powerful analytics software that gives you every possible breakdown of your workouts you could ever need, and quite a few you probably never will! Includes coaching, and an excellent forum. Used by many pros, but can be a bit daunting for a leisure athlete. The (paid) pro edition is very impressive and can create personalised training plans (which sync with your calendar) and extraordinary fitness analysis.

Strava – the Facebook of fitness loggers, Strava has become my go-to logging and analysis site. Simple to use, social, and easy to understand, it does what most ordinary runners need. There have been complaints about the accuracy of its algorithm (it seems to cut runs shorter than other sites, and it’s calorie calculator looks very inaccurate), and it can occasionally be a little buggy (it seems to fall out of love with Garmin regularly), but overall works well. It probably does the social side better than any other logging or analytics site I’ve come across.


Fellrnr – probably the most useful running blog on the internet. Really advanced and in-depth training information, calculators, and reviews. Superb site.

Organisations and Clubs:

Marathon Club Ireland – Formed to encourage all aspects of marathon running in Ireland, from participation to organisation. We are a group of like minded individuals who complete 26.2 mile races for fun, for a sense of achievement and mostly in a quest to complete 100 marathons, or more.
They organise great, fun, low-cost marathons for members.

Running-related companies:

RigBag – My Company! Set up to help athletes get the best gear at the lowest cost. You can buy and sell new and used gear on RigBag.

Run The Kingdom – Organises races from 5k to ultra distance, and runs tours to marathons abroad. Operated by runners for runners.

If there is a site or blog you think I should include (even if it’s your own!) let me know, and I’ll take a look at it.

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