Tralee Parkrun 9th January

I ran another Tralee Parkrun this morning. Myself and Lee arrived in plenty of time, with conditions very cold, but dry. Numbers were the highest I’ve seen them. After the usual formalities, we set off.

I was a bit unsure how this run would work out – I had attended my first strength and conditioning session in Nisus Fitness on Thursday with Tralee Triathlon Club, and I was in a remarkable amount of pain – all the muscles that had gone unused in running got hammered on the night, and I had difficulty standing, sitting, or pretty much doing anything since! I had suspected my core was weak, and the fact that my stomach muscles felt like I’d killed them makes it seem like I was right. I’m guessing that a few weeks of that punishment has to make me stronger!

Once I’d warmed up and loosened out a bit, I began to feel alright. Though my fitness is definitely nowhere near it needs to be, I can feel an improvement from last week. I’m confident I can be ready for the marathon season in another few weeks.

Before the off: Lee, me, Mary, Margaret, and JJ

The first lap went fine, and I ran it fairly fast (for me anyway!), and had my usual PB delusions starting the second lap. These were quickly forgotten as I got into the second lap, as my quads started to get sore – a hangover from Thursday – and I slowed down a fair bit. I was slower still on the third lap, running it almost a minute slower than my first lap. If that’s not a sign I’ve work to do, nothing is!

I finally crossed the line in 27:35, a poor time for that amount of effort. Lee didn’t have a great run either – he would normally destroy me over 5k, but he struggled in today in 30:43.

Well done to all the organisers and volunteers today – the large turnout is a good sign for the future of Tralee Parkrun.

I plan to do 12 miles on the Tralee Marathon route tomorrow with Born To Run, so that could be interesting…..


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